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    Filter press is a system for separating solid particles from liquid. Solid particles that are suspended in a solution are separated from the liquid by passing through the filter cloth. Filter presses consist of a set of polypropylene plates, which are positioned side by side between two solid, movable metal plates. The pages are positioned by the arms on the two columns next to the machine. On these moving plates are very fine-pore fabrics, which vary in size and size depending on the type of device used. The inlet solution or sludge is filtered and the suspended particles are removed after passing through the set of plates and fabrics. The particles are compressed over time and accumulated between the plates of the device. The particles that are compressed and formed into a mass between the data plates are called cakes. Farab Zist Faraz Co. offers various types of filter presses, cloth filter presses (chambers) and membrane filter presses and filter press plates in different dimensions and capacities.

    Filter Press Machine and Filter Press Plates

    As mentioned above, the filter press is used to separate solids from the solution. Filter presses are made of a set of plates that are quite rigid. Types of filter press are usually made of cast iron, aluminum, and polyethylene. Which is more common with the use of polyethylene plates. The sludge cake is placed between the two plates. The plate is also machined to be fully sealed. This plate has sweep movement by hydraulic jack or manually.

    Filter Press

    Filter Press Plates are in two types:

    Chambers Plates: These types of plates are made of polypropylene, cast iron, aluminum and so on. And each plate has sludge containers on both sides. The moisture content of the cake in these plates is higher than the membrane type. The cake formed between these plates is 60-70% dewatered depending on the type of inlet slurry.

    Membrane Plates: These plates are elastic, each plate consisting of three layers, with the middle layer acting as a support for the applied compressive force. Layers wind up to 10 times using wind pressure, making it easy to drip cake and reduce sludge moisture. The middle layer (support) is made of polypropylene. The cake that forms between these plates is dehydrated up to 90% depending on the type of inlet slurry.

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    How the Filter Press Machine Works

    Filter presses are very important in various industries and any time concentrated liquids can be collected, filter presses can be used during the process or at the end of sewage treatment. Either way, the filter presses separate the liquid and solid optimally, and the latest technical improvements that make it 100% automatic make it 100% localized.

    Filtration of filter press is made on an alternating cycle:

    Closure: The tightening of the device and the emission of the filtration pressure are guaranteed by the use of a hydraulic cylinder.

    Filtration: The liquid is pumped to a pressure of 6 to 30 bar (centrifugal or membrane type) and the chambers are filled; the liquid called “filterable” passes through the filter cloths that cover the plates. And the solid particles in the plate grooves remain in the form of sludge. The filtered liquid then drains through the channel channels or drainage. And the mold consisting of filtered solid particles comes out from under the press filter.

    Opening: A detector is activated to control the filtration and instructs the cylinder to reverse the moving head, releasing the first formed sludge mold.

    Displacement of the plate: The end of the movable head moves backwards and activates the starting point of the displacement device, which sequentially releases the sludge molds from its grooves.

    Filter Press machine

    Press Filter Applications

    • Separation of particles from solutions
    • Dewatering and drying sludge production for sanitary and industrial wastewater treatment plants
    • Particulate filtration in industrial and organic oils
    • Sewage treatment of stone industries
    • Isolation of sugar soluble particles in the beverage and juice industries
    • Filtration of copper, iron and…
    • Pharmaceutical Industries
    • Ceramic tile industry
    • Oil, gas and petrochemical industries
    • Textile Industry

    Characteristics of Farab Zist Faraz Co. filter press machines

    • Available in three types of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic
    • Carbon steel chassis with 250 to 400 microns anti-corrosion coating
    • Proper power electromotor (in semi-automatic and automatic models)
    • Power Panel with Cable and Accessories with Authentic European Brand (in semi-automatic and automatic models)
    • Course control system with microscope with valid European brand (in semi-automatic and automatic models)
    • Hydraulic Pressure Supply System with Pressure Switch with Valid European Brand (in semi-automatic and automatic models)
    • Hydraulic pressure system (in semi-automatic and automatic models)
    • Gear hydraulic pump, floor valves, oil tank showing oil level (in semi-automatic and automatic models)
    • Open and close pages in chains (in automatic mode)
    • Vibrating Plate Cake (in Automatic Model)
    • PLC Input and Shutdown Control and Input Pump (in automatic mode)
    • Bronze cylinder pipe according to German DIN standard
    • Slurry feed system inside stainless steel filter press
    • Lander stainless steel material output
    • Material of polypropylene plates of Korean R2400 material
    • Two years warranty and 10 years after-sales service

    Filter Press Sales – Filter Presses Price

    Due to the variety of dimensions and the variety of device and pages of this tool you need expert advice to estimate its price. You can contact our experts for more information on the price of the filter press machine and the fabrication and installation details of the filter press (chamber) and membrane filter press.

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