Cooling Tower Packing

What is a Cooling Tower Packing?

Cooling Tower Packing, acts as the heat transfer surface of the cooling tower. In fact, the purpose of using packing in cooling towers is to maximize the thermal performance of the cooling tower. Using the right amount of packing can greatly increase the efficiency of the tower. Packaging by increasing the level of water-to-air contact provides the perfect time to lower incoming water heat and cool it. The cost of packing cooling towers is usually around 10 to 20 percent of the cost of a tower, so they are economical to use.

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Depending on the application, cooling tower packing forms may be disordered or systematic. Unordered packing is a relatively inexpensive way to increase the efficiency and capacity of the cooling tower. Its features include high distillation, absorption, and optimum efficiency; high power to weight ratio; and a special heat transfer coefficient. Some products are comparable to PAL rings due to their mechanical strength and performance.

Cooling tower packings include structural and mesh packings as well as high performance trays and custom interior design. Structured packages are more efficient and offer less pressure drop than unordered packages or trays. Products made of metal wire or plastic mesh are suitable for applications where low pressure drop is critical. Ceramic structural packings are designed to enhance the mixing of radial distribution of liquid and gas flows.

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Important Factors in Cooling Tower Packing Construction

When designing cooling towers, one of the most important factors to consider is choosing the type of cooling tower packing. This means that the quality (especially in terms of hardness of available water) and the temperature of the water used, the local pollutants present and, above all, the type of industry used must be carefully examined. High temperature resistance without deformation, as well as resistance to corrosion and decay and ultraviolet radiation and acid washability for cleaning and decontamination. These are all factors that should be considered when preparing and manufacturing cooling tower packings.

It is also important to note that when calculating and producing the cooling tower packing, a very important factor to consider is the useful surface area per unit of volume of the packing (in units of m 2 / m 3).

The geometric shapes of the cooling tower packing also come in many different forms:

  • Film Packing

This model of packing is often made of polypropylene (PP) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The use of the polymer layer in this type of packing as well as the creation of a thin layer of water is why it is named for the film packing.

A notable point about the polypropylene film is fittings of its plates. This is done by heat welding with the help of a device called ultrasonic welding. To ensure mechanical resistance, an average of 20,000 welding points is generated per cubic meter of film packing.

Conversely, in PVC film packing, adhesive connections are made. These causes the connections to weaken and break down because of chemicals collide and as time passes.

  • Net Splash Packing

This type of cooling tower packing is more applicable than other models. It is called Splash Packing because of its lattice shape (mesh shape), and the creation of water droplets by spraying on it. In terms of standard dimensions are as follows:

Length: 90 cm, width 60 cm, height 45 cm. (Explain that the width of the block will be customizable based on the buyer’s request.)

  • Random Splash Packing

This is a model of Packing Cooling Tower in the form of small plastic parts. These components are dumped in bulk into the cooling tower. That’s why they are called Random Packing. These types of packings are not used much. The main reason is the lack of useful use of all its surfaces (due to inadequate water flow) and the lack of wet the entire packing surface. At the same time, it needs to be installed grid inside the cooling tower. This makes this type of cooling tower less popular.

  • Grid Splash Packing

These types of packings are made as grid plates. These lattice plates are lined up to form the Packing Block. Grid Splash Packing is used in places and applications where water pollution is very high. For example, industries such as steel and iron, oil mills and seawater use can be mentioned.

  • V-Bar Splash Packing

V-Bar Splash cooling tower packing form V-shaped profiles with holes. They are also installed horizontally inside the cooling tower and at specified intervals. It is also used in highly contaminated waters. The disadvantage of using this type of cooling tower fillings is that it requires a lot of height to have the best performance.

Suitable packing properties in cooling tower

1- Resistant to chemical agents present in water.

2- Resistant to corrosion.

3- Provide a good time to make a film of hot water to evaporate.

4- Resistant to hot water temperatures up to 50 ° C.

5- Have the lowest static pressure drop against airflow.


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Packings are polypropylene (PP) and PVC (most commonly used). Farab Zist Faraz cooling tower packings are manufactured from the best type of PP, PE, PVC polymer sheets. And with the use of special additives, in terms of physical properties, impact, tensile strength, temperature resistance, etc. conforms to ASTM standard and CTI (BulletinSTD-136) test methods. In addition, they are resistant to UV and bacterial growth, including Legionella, which is often found in natural water sources, stagnant waters, hot springs and marshes.

Cooling Tower Splash Packing properties produced by Farab Zist Faraz Co.

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Cooling Tower Film Packing properties produced by Farab Zist Faraz Co.

قیمت پکینگ برج خنک کننده

Farab Zist Faraz Co., with many years of experience in supplying and producing various types of sanitary and industrial wastewater treatment systems and equipment, offers a variety of cooling tower packings with different gender and prices. You can contact our experts to find out more about Cooling Tower packings price and details of its installation.

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